Foundations™ Basic Training

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Foundations™ Basic Training is an educational presentation intended to introduce entry-level workers to the basic function of belt conveyors used in bulk material handling. The presentation focuses on belt components, general plant safety, conveyor-related safety guidelines and the methods employed to prevent the escape of fugitive materials from the belt conveyor.

Martin Engineering will provide training materials—in the form of a PowerPoint presentation with detailed speaker notes— at no cost, to be used as an internal training presentation. Martin's experts can also conduct the course upon request for a fee.

Designed to be presented in a “live” classroom training session, the Foundations™ Basic Workshop can be completed in a single two-hour time slot.


The Foundations™ Basic Workshop is aimed at “new hires” or employees with little or no experience around belt conveyors.


The presentation covers:

  • Conveyor Components and their Functions
  • Safety Considerations (General Industrial Plant & Conveyor Specific)
  • Principles of Clean Conveyor Operation (Systems to Prevent Spillage and Control Carryback and Dust)


The course will enable attendees to work safely around belt conveyors and have a broad appreciation of industrial safety practices and of bulk material handling equipment.

Details of Course Materials

To allow (and encourage) use with non-English-speaking (and/or non-literate) audiences, the presentation materials are illustrated in an informal “cartoon” style and contain very few words. Consequently, the materials do not need to be translated/read to be effective and valuable.


Material in the Foundations™ Basic Workshop is copyrighted by Martin Engineering. It is provided without charge for general non-commercial use. The presentation can be given inside an organization (for employees of a specific company, for example) but cannot be presented or “sold” to external audiences without permission.

For more information on our Foundations™ Training Programs or to schedule a workshop, call 800-544-2947 or click here.

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